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Sheldon Vicks

Afternoon Host; Promotions Director; Underwriting Director

           After spending 20 years in secular radio as a host, programmer, promotions and production director, God called Sheldon to Christian radio in 2005.

            Sheldon admits that making the switch from secular to Christian radio was probably the only time he was ever nervous and scared about doing radio. He said, “I felt like I would bring the same secular delivery or content and say the wrong things, but somehow God took care of that.”

            Sheldon’s broadcasting career has been in both radio and television, working radio in several markets like San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Sacramento, and TV, working in Las Vegas and Phoenix for FOX, ABC and The CW as a Business Talk reporter and Entertainment Correspondent.

            You can hear Sheldon weekdays 1pm – 3pm, and Saturday mornings 6am – 9am, and covers the duties of Promotions/Underwriting Director. 

            Sheldon is a Motivational Speaker, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Boxing Trainer, owns a Boxing/Kickboxing gym, loves baseball (should have played pro ball, he was that good), and is a BIG Raiders football fan. Oh, and this may surprise you, he stutters.

Sheldon Vicks
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