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Katina Alley

Weekend Host; Community Calendar

           Katina Alley was born and raised in Stockton, Ca. In 2005 she then moved to Washington state for 12 years and moved back to Stockton in 2017. Before she moved, Katina attended Bible College and took Radio Classes. She was hired at KCJH (now known as KYCC) to DJ on Friday nights playing jazz music. The show was called “Heavenly Jazz” and she loved being a part of the Radio Ministry during that time in her life.

           Katina moved on in life to have many other adventures and when she moved back, she was privileged to be hired back at KYCC to fulfill multiple hats, such as, DJing, production projects, and front desk reception. A quote that resonates with her is “GOD HAS THE POWER TO SHOW YOU WHO’S GOD”. Katina says, “Whatever the situation He is in the middle of our lives, and HE works EVERYTHING out for our good.”

Katina Alley
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