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During the recent heavy rainstorms here in California, a listener called us to say, “We are in darkness right now, but what blesses my heart is KYCC. We have no TV, we have no internet, but we have radio on our little portable, and thank God for you guys. You are a light in the darkness for us.”


KYCC is grateful that we were able to be a source of comfort for our listener. This message illustrates what our mission is all about: to touch lives and change hearts, even in the darkest of times, be they either physical or spiritual.


As we enter our 48th year of ministry, we are forever grateful to those in our audience who have chosen to support us with their contributions. Your support allows us to minister to countless listeners in their times of need.


If you are a supporter, we say “thank you” for your donations.

Maybe you are new to KYCC and not yet been able to give your support to our ministry. If that is the case, we would love for you to join our supporting family and help us reach even more lives and hearts with the good news of Jesus.

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