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Theresa Schaad

Mid-Day Host; Music Director

            Theresa spent her childhood in Michigan, loving the Great Lakes and the "real seasons." In high school she worked at her campus radio station, WCHW, never knowing it would prepare her for the ministry that awaited her. In 1983, she moved to Stockton where the Lord saved her as a young adult.

           She started at KYCC in 1989 as a weekend and overnight volunteer host, and after stints as host of various time slots (including Mornings for fifteen years) she currently hosts Midmornings while still helping with assorted programming and production duties.

           She has been happily married to Jim since 1990, they are parents to two adult children who reside on opposite sides of the country, making for travel opportunities. Choosing Idaho for Jim’s retirement, they are enjoying new experiences as they get established and meet new friends, with central California still close at heart.

Theresa Schaad
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