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Our mission is to shine the bright light of hope and love in the darkness of human exploitation.  We are fighting to protect children and women from the dangers that came with extreme poverty. We provide food, schooling, and job training to children, women, and families.

To donate visit: Karuna Care International.


  • Rescue and Restoration - Providing access to quality education and a supportive learning environment to help break the cycle of poverty and vulnerability.

  • Job Training for Parents - Empowering parents through job training programs to break the cycle of poverty and a more resilient and prosperous society.

  • Trafficking Awareness - Educating children, families, and churches about the dangers of sex trafficking and sexual abuse. We empower them and work together to protect and prevent harm to vulnerable children and women. 

  • Legal Support - Providing legal assistance and guidance to those who are victims of human trafficking. Ensuring survivors receive legal protection, advocacy, and representation.

Click below to hear Brent's Interview

with Executive Director, Dhan Raj:

Interview with Executive Director, Dhan RajKYCC
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Trailer for Karuna short film

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