KYCC Donors to provide SonSet Radios for Lesotho

During the Fall Pledge Drive, KYCC is partnering with Reach Beyond.

For every new Monthly Companion that pledges at least $35.00 per month to the ministry of KYCC, we will make a $35.00 donation to Reach Beyond to provide solar-powered FM radios that will provide Christian broadcasting to individuals in the nation of Lesotho. $35.00 will pay for one such radio.

From the Reach Beyond website:

There’s a lot of sunshine in Africa, but in many places, very little power. On the other side of the world, in Nepal, the power could be out 17 hours a day, and that’s normal. It doesn’t do much good to have a radio station broadcasting the gospel if people don’t have electricity for their radios. Batteries aren’t the answer, either, because they die out after a day or two of continuous use. Enter the solution, one of the most innovative and durable radios ever invented – the SonSet radio.

The SonSet Effect


“For if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” (John 8:36)


The SonSet radio defies the darkness, and it overcomes the obstacles of no electricity and worn out batteries. It is powered by the sun, broadcasting the message of the Son from the local Christian-run station, day and night.


A Muslim woman listened for four months to our partner’s Christian-run radio station in an Indonesian village. Then she came to the station and asked, “How can I receive Christ as you tell about on the radio?” The staff there explained the way of salvation and led the woman to Christ. When she returned home, her friend asked why she seemed different and happy. “Here, take my radio and listen and find out.” It was a fix-tuned, solar powered radio. Three months later, the woman and 12 of her friends arrived at the radio station. “They are all ready to receive Jesus,” she said.


These hand-held, solar-powered radios are sent to places where it would be hard for a missionary to go and serve. In a sense, they are little missionaries themselves in remote and sometimes dangerous places. Reach Beyond has delivered more than 50,000 solar-powered radios to more than two dozen countries in the past decade.


The SonSet radio is not only solar-powered, but it is pre-tuned to the local Christian-run station where it is delivered. When the station hands out radios as gifts, that’s the only station the listener will hear. In most countries where we deliver SonSets, entire families and groups of people will gather and listen to perhaps the only local radio station in the area.


For just $35, we are able to build, tune, test and ship a SonSet radio anywhere in the world. This radio will last 7-8 years, staying charged by the sun so the message of the Son can be heard. That’s about a penny a day to broadcast the gospel to hundreds of people with that one device.


Right now, SonSet radios are needed in several countries, including Lesotho in Southern Africa, where a Reach Beyond partner station exists.