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Following is the text of the announcement made by "Kids & Company" host Brent Randall on Saturday, May 6.



A couple of weeks ago, we marked thirty years of “Kids & Company.” We started the show in April 1987, and I am very proud of the fact that we have made it to the thirty-year milestone.


We are grateful to those of you who listen faithfully, week after week to the show. I cannot thank you enough for the comments, emails and letters that let me know that you tune in every Saturday.


However, for the last few years, we have been gauging how effective the show is in its current form.


For instance, we are aware that we have just as many adults listening to the show as we do kids. In fact, we probably have more. Let’s talk for just a second about kids and radio: With the advent of today’s technology, the majority of kids no longer listen to broadcast radio. Kids in 2017 live in an on-demand, visual world. They have their tablets, iPads and DVD players, and broadcast radio, even a show like “Kids & Company,” is no longer a priority to many.


Therefore, we are going to make changes that will better tailor Saturday mornings for the audience that is listening. We are also making these changes in an effort to grow a bigger audience over time.


So here is the plan going forward:


Beginning Saturday, June 3, the 9:00 hour will feature, in this order, Adventures in Odyssey, Keys for Kids and Your Story Hour. We are not taking any of them off the air, just changing their airtimes.


Then from 10:00 a.m. till noon, I will still be on the air, but hosting a different kind of show. Though we are still working out the details, here is the best way to describe it: it will be a hybrid of what you hear during the week on KYCC, and the “Best of the Best” of “Kids & Company.”


However, we are going to retire the name, “Kids & Company,” as the final product will not strictly be a children’s show.


So again, Odyssey will be heard at 9:00, followed by Keys for Kids and Your Story Hour, and then yours truly will still be on the air with a little different sound than what “Kids & Company” has been bringing you every week.


Rest assured, we did not make this decision lightly, but I am convinced that the time has come to make a change, and change can be difficult for some. That said, I believe that your family will be ministered to as we turn this corner together.


I cannot thank the audience enough for your faithful support over the years, and I hope you will continue to choose to make KYCC your Saturday morning Christian Companion.

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