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Sample Letter #3

Dear _______________,


I first want to acknowledge the significant efforts and actions you have taken to provide for the health and safety of the residents of the State of California. Nonetheless, I am writing this letter to express my concern regarding the most recent decision to ban in-person worship services in churches, synagogues, temples, mosques and other faith-based buildings of worship.


I recognize that not all citizens of this state have a religious background, or even a desire to participate in religious affairs. However, millions of Californians do, and we have been disenfranchised by the recent decisions made to not allow in-person worship. This decision is preventing the numerous ministries and social services provided by churches to the poor, the unemployed and the distressed, in additional to hindering the basic practice of those with religious faith.


Justice Samuel Alito recently stated, “Religious liberty is fast becoming a disfavored right.” The truth of this statement is evidenced in the restrictions that are currently being placed on the churches of California. Don’t forget that the government is meant to derive its just powers from the consent of the governed, not by fiat of the authorities. The faithful in California specifically do not give consent to being locked out of their churches. Fundamental to the free exercise of religion is the right to gather for worship. These current restrictions are a discriminatory act against those of us who value our religious practice.


Please reconsider the restrictions against in-person worship across the state of California and restore the proper balance between public safety and individual liberty.




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