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Sample Letter #2


I write today to express in the strongest terms that I believe that shutting down in-person worship in the churches of California is a grievous infringement on my religious freedom granted in the Constitution of the United States.

Christianity is a congregational faith. In other words, part of the exercise of our faith is gathering together for worship, prayer and edification from the Word of God. Furthermore, from the church, its ministries and its people, we derive emotional, relational, spiritual and physical blessing. Church gatherings do much to push back against the insidious harm caused by isolation, and provide comfort and counsel that is much needed.


It makes no sense to see that retail stores are open, and even schools that were continuing to meet in-person can do so in San Joaquin County, but church services that occur just once per week are banned. This decision seems like discrimination to me! It is especially harmful as the holidays draw near.

I urge you to provide a way for churches to meet even in purple tier counties like mine.  Failure to do so is to ignore the will of the people. Please stop these harmful restrictions.



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