A special message to our KCJH, 89.1 FM Listeners...


Last updated April 4, 2016



Update on November 17, 2015:


In early November, an unfortunate accident occurred at our transmitter site in Livingston, California, which resulted in our tower and antenna collapsing to the ground.


The result is that our KCJH signal, 89.1 FM in Livingston, is completely off the air. This affects listeners from south Modesto to Merced and beyond, as well as areas west and east, including some foothill and mountain communities.


To further complicate things, repairs may not occur for many weeks.


We feel horrible that our faithful listeners and supporters in the 89.1 FM area will not be able to hear our broadcast signal for the time being.


We suggest that you try our main signal, 90.1 FM, which comes from Stockton. Also, may we remind you that you can always hear us online through our live streaming, right here at our website or through the Tune In radio app.


Please keep everyone involved in this situation--the landowners, insurance companies, and engineers--in your prayers.


And please watch this space as we will bring you updates as they are warranted.



Update on January 12, 2016:


We have just received approval from the FCC to place our antenna on a temporary site. The temporary site will not broadcast our signal as far as our original site did, but it will be better than not being on the air at all.


It will take a few weeks to get the equipment in place.


Keep watching this page for further updates.



Update on April 4, 2016:




Our antenna is located at a new site, actually in Atwater. We have a broadcast output power of about 1,500 watts, down from the 7,000 we enjoyed in Livingston.


Nonetheless, we still reach most of the same geographic area that we reached before.


Please tune in and check it out. And tell your friends: We're back!