The KYCC Fall Celebration

October 7-18




Whether it’s through a scripture in the day or through a song in the night, the ministry of KYCC makes a difference. And when you give to KYCC you help touch someone at the point of their need. Your gifts to this listener-supported ministry make a difference to someone every day.


From Monday, October 7, through Friday, October 18, you will have the opportunity to make a difference during the 2019 Fall Celebration.


It’s not too early to join us in prayer, that lives will be changed for good during this two-week event.


And thanks for teaming up with Your Christian Companion financially. Together we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE!



During the Fall Celebration we will be giving away 25 of our brand new KYCC Power Banks to charge your smartphone or mobile device.

Everyone who makes a pledge will be entered into our Power Bank Drawings.

Note: You are not required to make a pledge to be in the drawings. Just fill out our online form to be entered into the drawings!

One entry per person, and one winner per household. Winners must be at least 18.

All Power Bank winners will be entered into a Grand Prize drawing for a hotel stay and paid registration to the Weekend to Remember at the Hyatt Regency Monterey, November 8-10, 2019.

Help us Support "Hope Village"

KYCC has recently formed a partnership with a wonderful ministry: Hope Village International.


Located in the Philippines, Hope Village is focused on bringing hope to people living in extreme poverty. They provide medical care for children, women and seniors, as well as a home for orphans and abandoned children.  They also provide rehabilitation for women with chemical addictions, and livelihood training to allow these people to support themselves. 


For every new Monthly Companion who pledges at least $40.00 a month to KYCC, we will donate $40.00 to the ministry of Hope Village.


Tune in to hear more about this awesome ministry, and ways that you can help them fulfill their mission.




If KYCC has impacted your life in a positive way, please call our Comment Line and share it with us. We would love to use your testimony during the Fall Celebration. Call 888-902-KYCC anytime!

Rules: We will draw names periodically during the Celebration. When we announce a name, that person will have 9:01 minutes to call in and claim their Power Bank. If they do not call in that time frame, we will make one courtesy phone call to them. If they answer, they win; if they do not answer, the Power Bank will be rolled over to the next drawing. All winners must be at least 18. If a winner qualifies, they will be entered into the drawing for the Weekend to Remember, which is only open to married couples.