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Pastor Ken Gurley gives Daily Devotions for the week of June 17-21, 2024.

"Pointing you to Jesus" "We need one another"

These are two of the main purposes for Daily Devotions with Ken Gurley.

Ken Gurley is a Pastor, Author, and CPA who is endeavoring to connect and support others in their life's journeys.

He and his wife, Tessie, have three married children and eight grandchildren. He is Senior Pastor of First Church. He has served in numerous positions at the district and national levels. He is the deputy director of the National Apostolic Christian Leadership Conference, President of Second Chance Network, and the Chairman of Healthy Churches.

His books include Four Tables, Point of Low Points, Worth the Wait, The Book on Prayer: An Invitation to an Awakening, the ten-volume series, Preaching for A New Millennium, and numerous lessons, articles and curricula.

Ken holds a professional degree in accounting and a Master of Arts in Executive Coaching and Consulting. He is a Certified Public Accountant and is certified as a church revitalization consultant, organizational consultant, and executive coach.

For more information visit Ken Gurley website.

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Daily Devotions

"Holy Spirit Move"
00:00 / 14:30
"Are You Spiritually Illuminated"
00:00 / 14:30
"Tongues of Angels"
00:00 / 14:30
"Anoint with Fresh Oil"
00:00 / 14:30
"Sealed with a Promise"
00:00 / 14:30
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