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Alice Tanner

Late Night Host

Alice is originally from the beautiful state of Arkansas. As a young child, she moved to California with her mother and sister to join her mother’s family. Her maternal grandfather was a minister who evangelized for several years. His home church was in Stockton which is where Alice was saved as a young teen.


Alice first started as a volunteer host at KYCC (then KCJH) in the early 1980’s. At that time, KYCC was a small radio station in which the staff worked in a tiny room located at the WABC college campus on Cherokee Road. She remained with KYCC until the late 1990’s, returning in 2014.


Alice has one daughter and is Nana to three grandsons.  She considers her daughter her best friend.  For fun, she and her grandsons will find a roller coaster and jump on. She says, “The higher, the faster, and we’re there!”


She enjoys creating different greeting cards, reading, and devising her own versions of new recipes while cooking and baking. She also loves traveling with friends to various cities to try specialty tea and sandwich shops. And now that she has a new career (retirement!) she plans on doing a lot of traveling!


Alice’s greatest ministry passion is children. She is now sponsoring a young girl in Zimbabwe, Africa, and is currently an advocate with World Vision, a well-respected organization that encourages people to sponsor children who have so many needs.


When she wants to relax, Alice says that her very favorite thing to do is to sit outside a campsite at Yosemite in the early morning with a cup of coffee while enjoying the beauty and wonder of God’s creations.


When asked what her favorite scripture would be, Alice replied, “Without a doubt, it would be Genesis 28:15, ‘Behold, I am with thee and will keep thee in all places whither thou goest.’  Not long after I was saved, the Lord spoke this verse to my heart and it has stayed with me!”




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